FNN News Network

Radio stations these days have very small news departments, if they have any at all. So how does your station cover the news and reach out to the community? That's where FNN News comes in.

FNN provides stations with hourly newscasts, plus sportscasts and business reports that make each station sound in touch, relevant, and vibrant. Stations that do have news departments can use FNN's "OnDemand" sound bite services to supplement their local news coverage and round out their own locally produced news programs. Many of our affiliates use a combination of live newscasts and "FNN OnDemand" material, which is included as part of your affiliation.

With newsrooms in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and West Palm Beach, FNN covers news events “from the Panhandle to the Keys.” FNN also provides live coverage of elections, hurricanes, and other special news oriented events.

FNN affiliation is on a no-fee/barter-only basis. Network spots can run as fed adjacent to the newscast, sportscast, or business report. Alternatively, stations can choose to schedule the spots to run within their regular programming.

Affiliate technical and format info:

  • Newscasts - Top of the hour and repeated at :30 after the hour, M-SU 6:30am-6:30pm: 2 min content + 1 min network avail
  • State News Brief - Fed at :25 after the hour, M-SU 6:25am-6:25pm: 1 min content
  • Sportscasts - M-Su 7:10am, 8:10am, & M-F 4:06pm: 2 min content + 1 min network avail
  • Business news - M-F 7:06am, 8:06am, & 12:06pm: 1 min content + 1 min network avail
  • NBC News - M-Su Fed at :27 after the hour: 1 min content.
  • All elements can be scheduled via XDS receiver or are available for download from FNN OnDemand

Download the broadcast formats Download .pdf

For more information please contact: Affiliate Relations Director Jeff Worthington - (866)-304-6397 – JeffWorthington@fnnonline.net